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The Schwartz House 1952
Edward Hawkins

Schwartz House and Peterson House are joined into single, horizontal composition by low garden fence. Their relationship is accentuated by shared paint scheme, medium olive with dark brown details. Both houses face south on lots sloping down from south to north. Primary masonry material is concrete block laid running bond with raked horizontal joints. Formal entrance appears on the south elevation of one story wing at end of a walk which steps out from driveway and runs length of projecting garage. On concrete block garage, roof is flush with east and west walls.

Front wall and door, originally flush vertical lapboard, recess beneath deep eave. To left of door, vertical sidelight formed by four horizontal panes rises above wall of red sandstone masonry. Door's set within panel of narrow vertical tongue and groove siding, shallow eave with simple, two part fascia above. To east, deepset bay of four vertical windows with horizontal mullions appears above red sandstone wall, sheltered by the projecting east wall of concrete block. 2 story block rises half story above/behind one story wing. Roof extends on all 4 sides to form deep, cantilevered eaves, with plywood concealing beams and rafters. South elevation clad in vertical tongue and groove siding. East and west elevations are concrete block with concrete chimney rising from south elevation

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