selected houses Arapahoe Acres Historic District


Continuity defines way individual homes relate to sites, other individual sites and neighborhood as a whole.

Scale defines an individual home in broad terms -- size, overall form, number of stories, major architectural elements and materials.

Texture is defined by details of an individual home's materials, forms, and colors.

28 selected homes illustrate design vocabulary of Arapahoe Acres for their visibility, condition & geographic distribution. They display wide range of materials, features and details. They are some of the most visible in the neighborhood. Like many modern homes in which privacy was of primary focus, much of Arapahoe Acres hides behind screened forecourts, narrow entry halls, garages, deep carports, dark colors, and landscaping designed to make homes recede into their sites. Homes were also selected for their good, largely original condition. A few have sensitive additions.

Finally, they were selected for geographic distribution, representing every street in the neighborhood. Each home in Arapahoe Acres uniquely contributes to the fabric of the neighborhood.

Sitterman HousePerdue HousePetersen HousePounds HouseReed HouseRickard HouseSchwartz HouseSpivak HouseWarren HouseWilson HouseHolland HousePriller HouseIrish HouseKoempfer HouseKern HouseLusky HouseMass HouseMcCalllin HouseMiddlebrook HouseNesbit HouseOrr House Belville House Boxer House Christensen house Collins House Fish House Frison House Gilmore House Gray House Halpin House Hawkins House
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