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Websites Related to Arapahoe Acres Historic Preservation

Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation: guidelines homeowners must follow to qualify for historic preservation tax credits or grants.

State Historical Fund: provide grant to
Arapahoe Acres Historic Preservation Project.

Historic Denver and Molly Brown House: group that assisted in securing Arapahoe Acre's grant from the State Historical Fund. They own the Molly Brown House in Denver.

Another Post-War Modernist Subdivision on the Web Eichler Homes: Probably our closet neighbor on the web from a group of modernist, post-war residential subdivisions in California. Introduces some sites about the cult of modern furniture and design.

City of Englewood: Englewood just initiated a historic landmark
ordinance- building must be over fifty years old to be listed.

US Historic Preservation

Colorado Preservation Information Network: links to virtually every historic preservation group with a website in Colorado.

National Park Service's Heritage Preservation Services

Preserving Recent Past II Conference, Oct. 00: Arapahoe Acres resident Diane Wray presented Arapahoe Acres at conference in Philadelphia.

National Trust for Historic Preservatio: "Mountain/Plains" regional office located in downtown Denver.

Cornell University Historic Preservation: educational programs for architecture and historic preservation.

Society for Commercial Archaeolog: interested in Modern architecture, mostly roadside stuff.

Preserve and Protect: New York State based website emphasing historic and environmental preservation.

New York City's Municipal Art Society & Landmarks Conservancy: example of local groups preserving historic buildings.

Historic Preservation Economic Incentives

Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives: incentives are available only to those who rent their properties in Arapahoe Acres to tenants.

State Preservation Tax Incentives:
Available homeowners when home tursn fifty years. To confirm house date, review original "Certificate of Occupancy" on file at City of Englewood.

International Historic Preservation

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in
England, Wales and Northern Ireland:
Just for fun, there's also a "National Trust" in the United Kingdom.

An international organization devoted to preserve historic modern architecture.

Other Historic Preservation Ref.

National Historic Preservation Act of 1966: federal legislation began Historic Preservation in theUS.

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